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Motto: Improving the lives of peoplemakes the world a better place
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Hospital Equipment Donation

Hospital Equipment

In Nigeria, an approach to health delivery scheme is still far from reality, there are several underlying factors responsible for the failure of effective and competent health management in Nigeria. These include, poor funding, non participation of communities on health care programmes, poor personnel, lack of self sustainance and rural credit facilities.

Our Hospital is located in a rural area positioned to cater for the

The paupers, beggars’, disabled and informed with no visible means of sustained livelihood, the single unemployed, the homeless vulnerable families, and the social deviants who subsist precariously on the edge of the society.

This house-hold are very poor, they have humanitarian allies to income and the instrument to manage risk and even in small reductions income can have severe low sequence for thus. This people often face with malnutrition, poor and unbalanced dietary conditions and insufficient food. This set of people also exposes to fear some diseases and may die of it.

It’s imperative that rural hospital like us is equipped with the necessary technologies, equipments and resources to alleviate their challenges.

As part of our objectives, we have constructed 80 hospitals bed in rural communities of Esa-Oke, Osun State, Nigeria.


We provide the following medical services at our hospital:

  • Primary Care
  • General Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • X-ray/Imaging services
  • Dental
  • Mental Health
  • Family Planning
  • HIV & Tuberculosis Center.
  • Intensive Care
  • Nutritional
  • Orthopedics
  • Endoscopy
  • Eye Care
  • Emergency Care

In order to fully accomplish our goals we will functioning used  hospital equipments and medications.


Hospital Equipments Donation Request List

Check all that apply:

Inspections/Visit To Nigeria

While we are fully aware of some donors process foe due diligence, our organization is ready to undergo any due diligence that is required even if we have to be responsible for the donor’s team visit to our hospital in Nigeria.


We guarantee that the proposed supplies that we would receive as donations from  you will be delivered to the Rural hospital at KM 12, Imesi Ile Road Esa-Oke Osun State Nigeria to benefit patients in need.

These equipments will not be sold  or exchange the items for profit.