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Motto: Improving the lives of peoplemakes the world a better place
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Become a volunteer and touch a life

At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we believe that donating your time and skills is a crucial aspect. Your skills and time can bring immense change to someone’s life. Giving time and labor freely on a good course that positively contributes to someone’s life is the best gift you can ever offer to humanity.

For this reason, we give you an opportunity to exercise your passion by becoming part of our volunteers. Contributing your time can be a powerful way to help us accomplish our mission to make the world a better place.

Volunteer in different fields

Whether you are a human resource professional, marketer, accountant, or non-skilled, your time and energy can have a significant impact on our organization. We offer you an opportunity to do what you can do best while serving other humans.

Your passion and skills are crucial in transforming human lives. Contributing your time to our organization and helping us fulfill our mission means a lot to us and our beneficiaries.

We invite you to sign up as a volunteer with Adonis Quality Life Initiative in the following areas:


Marketing and PR are essential in any organization, and Adonis Quality Life Initiative is not exceptional. You can help us reach more people and create awareness about our presence by participating in different PR and marketing campaigns/activities.

If you have marketing and public relations skills, you have an opportunity to boost them by being one of our volunteers. Your efforts can help us build an extensive online and offline following, receive more donations, and increase our event attendance.

Volunteer in developing social media posts, creating brochures and flyers, and enhancing local visibility. Also, you can help us share our story on various platforms. This way, you will play a central role in making the world a better place while enhancing your skills.

Office assistance

Do you have administrative or management skills? You can donate them to Adonis Quality Life Initiative. Join our office assistance volunteers’ team in keeping our mission alive. Come and help us handle various office tasks such as budgeting, recording, receiving calls, attending to guests, distributing mails, and other duties assigned to you.

Your efforts will help us save on administration and operational tasks. Through this aspect, we will be able to support another needy people and change their lives altogether.


The success and accomplishment of our mission rely on the availability of resources. With your support, we can realize the goal of changing lives and making would a better place. Help us raise funds for this mission by becoming one of our fundraising volunteers.

Remember, fundraising is not all about raising money. Your communication and interpersonal skills will play a great role in enabling us to relay our message to the target audience.

Your participation in the fundraising activities will help targets understand why they should donate their cash and items to us.  Also, we share tools and tips that will transform fundraising into a fun affair and realize our intended goals.

Some of the fundraising activities you can participate in include promoting Adonis Quality Life Initiative on your social media and social circles, encouraging your friends to donate, and thanking our donors and partners, among others. Your selfless efforts will play a great role in attracting enough resources to fund our worthwhile course.

You can also help develop other sustainable fundraising approaches that will enable us to reach more people across the globe. We encourage creativity and are open to new ideas. Working with us as a fundraising volunteer might be your gate pass to the world of opportunities.

Volunteer recruitment

Regularly, we need individuals to volunteer in various events and programs. However, identifying the right people for the task can be a hard and tricky affair. You can help us streamline our volunteer recruitment process. Come join our volunteer recruitment department, and ease our hiring mission.

With your help, we get the right individual to support our mission. This department is an excellent way to improve your human resource management skills. Your effort will help us inform the community on the importance of volunteering. You will also enable us to determine the best individuals for each department or objective in our organization.

Special events

At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we organize different events in line with our mission and objectives. You can be part of our support team during these events. Come and help us reach out to vulnerable communities and educate them about healthy living.

You can also volunteer in our street children’s feeding program. We regularly require people to inform the street families and children about our free summer meals program. Through your volunteerism spirit, we can fill many children’s stomachs. Also, you can be part of our fundraising and other special event volunteers and help us accomplish our mission.

Donation collections 

If you have some free time, you can use it to serve humanity by joining our donation collection volunteers. We need some volunteers for the children’s clothes, shoes, and toy collection. Your role will be moving around collecting item donations from well-wishers and delivering them to use.

Also, you can be our ambassador in your location, where you can establish a collection point. Your neighbors can deliver all items they will donate at this collection point, and you deliver them to our point or request a pick-up team to come for them. Your partnership will be essential in enabling us to transform people’s lives.

How to sign up as a volunteer

Becoming a volunteer at Adonis Quality Life Initiative is not a complicated process. All you need is to fill-up the form below with your background and contact information.  Our volunteer recruitment team will reach out to you for more engagement.

We invite you to sign-up as a volunteer. Your volunteerism spirit will go a long way in enabling us to realize our mission. Be part of as through donating your skills and time in serving vulnerable communities.

Adonis Quality Life Initiative is counting on you for this mission. Together, we will make the world a better place.