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Motto: Improving the lives of peoplemakes the world a better place
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Sponsor a Child

Join our child sponsorship program and change a life
At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, one of our goals is to give a better life to children from vulnerable and poor communities. Our research discovered that many children in Nigeria are struggling with social circumstances that hinder their education, good nutrition, and quality of life. These aspects deny them a chance to enjoy life and life their dream.

Together, we can change poor children’s life. Your sponsorship can go a long way to do great things such as:

  • Promoting learning and reduce absenteeism
    No doubt, hungry children struggle to concentrate and learn. The empty stomach cannot allow them to understand what the tutors are teaching. Also, they are likely to miss classes as they spend time searching for some food. This translates to higher rates of absenteeism among students.

Your sponsorship can help resolve this problem. You will keep a child in school and enhance their learning. The amount you give as sponsorship will allow a specific kid to get some food and required school basics. So, they will not spend time searching for food which in turn will reduce absenteeism.

  • Support healthy living and quick recovery
    Without enough food, malnutrition is a typical case for children from the poverty-laden background. The children get sick more frequently and take longer to recover. The lack of essential nutrients compromises their immune system. Due to this, they are likely to have a disadvantaged life relative to their peers.

Through your sponsorship, we can promote healthy living to these vulnerable children. Your contribution will give a child food and essential elements.

When you sponsor a child, you will ensure that they can eat a balanced diet. This will deal with the malnutrition issues. Also, healthy eating will boost their immunity. With strong immunity, the children will remain healthy and recover faster in case they fall sick.

  • Change schools and community lives
    A child is part of society. When you sponsor one, you are likely to pass the impact to the entire community. Children growing in poor and vulnerable communities are likely to have a bleak future if no one comes to their rescue. For instance, these kids are at risk of joining criminal gangs in search of food. Some also start selling drugs and other illicit substances.

Hopelessness and poverty mindset become the nature of the poverty-laden society. Through sponsorship, you can help break the poverty cycle. Your support will help the children gain education and a better life. This way, they will gain knowledge to make better decisions and become problem solvers and not the cause of the problem in society.

Changing a child’s life calls for a combination of well-wishers and the community. When you sponsor a child, you will drive the desired change in society. Your sponsorship will save the child from joining criminal gangs, abuse, drug, and illicit substance. Together, we will bring a new future to the vulnerable community.

What will your sponsorship achieve?
At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, resolving child issues is our priority. We believe that no child should miss classes or go hungry for days. Through your child sponsorship, you will have a powerful impact in making vulnerable lives better.

Your contribution will be powerful in improving and enhancing our charitable targets. Through diverse and strategic collaborations, we provide resources to help schools and families. The sponsored child will have an opportunity to get encouragement letters and take part in other life-changing events.

The sponsorship will be essential in ensuring the schools and locals have access to clean drinking water. It will support sustainable projects that our target school carries out through the student clubs. Together, we will not only change the children’s lives but also will transform that of the entire community.

What you will get from your sponsorship
As a charitable organization, we believe in transparency and accountability. When you sponsor a child, we ensure you have access to information about them. You will get their photos and regular updates about their progress.

Also, you can get an opportunity to get firsthand information by visiting the child’s community. Your tour to the vulnerable community will help you interact and get the exact day-to-day experience of that society. This way, you will become an agent of change in the community and impact a thousand members in it.

 Be one of our child sponsors
When you become a sponsor, you become part of the significant efforts facilitated by Adonis Quality Life Initiative to help these children. You will add another hand to a family whose vision is to see a better world. Your contribution will not only transform the child’s life but will have a ripple effect on the entire society.

Also, you will keep a child in school and get them a plate of food on their tables. A child with a full stomach will concentrate in class and cooperate in the learning sessions. These kids will not miss classes or fall ill frequently. Together, we will contribute to having a healthy and educated community. Remember, education is the best weapon to get people out of poverty.

Be part of our sponsorship program and hand over the weapon for tackling poverty to the next generation. Let’s combine our hands in breaking the circle of poverty and its fruits.

How can I become a child sponsor?
Joining our child sponsorship program is simple. All you need is to fill the form below and sign up as a sponsor. The sign-up form requires you to offer your personal information such as names, address, country of residence, and the amount you wish to use on the sponsorship program.

At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we understand the essence of data security. We will never disclose your information to unauthorized persons or use it for other purposes.

Thank you for your desire to sponsor a child. Your effort will work miracles in realization our mission of improving lives and making the world a better place to live.