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Motto: Improving the lives of peoplemakes the world a better place
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At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we engage in various projects to fulfill the mission of our founders. We want to help and educate our beneficiaries that they can, too, have a better life.

Our series of projects focus on fundamental areas that are crucial in transforming human lives. These sectors include education, health, agriculture, social amenities, and others that improve people’s life.

Our organization engages in projects that see to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reducing the number of homeless people and street children

One of our projects is helping homeless people and street children. We believe that everyone needs to have a dignified life. The only way to do this is to ensure that they have a place they can call home.

With the support of well-wishers like you and other partners, we can settle the street children and homeless people. Through your donations, we will reduce the number of homeless people and street children in Nigeria and beyond.

  • Making quality education available to everyone

Education is power. By offering everyone equitable access to quality education, we can resolve many problems facing vulnerable communities. Adonis Quality Life Initiative is at the forefront in enhancing access to quality education for everyone.

We support children by providing them with school uniforms, accessories, and fees. Our aim is to ensure every kid gets to and remains in school. This way, we will make quality education available to everyone.

  • Promoting good health

A healthy community is a wealthy community. We initiate projects that promote good health among underprivileged communities. Our projects focus on increasing access to quality health services and education.

We have different forums to help vulnerable communities learn proper hygiene. Also, we seek to increase healthcare infrastructure and medical supplies. This way, the rural and informal residents will have access to sustainable and quality healthcare services that promote healthy living.

  • Relieving Poverty

Poverty is a common issue in many developing countries, and Nigeria is not left out. A large population in this country is living under a dollar a day.  With poverty, it is hard to gain proper education and healthcare. Also, poverty is the leading cause of untimely deaths and rising criminal gang and drug problems.

At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we are at the forefront of the war against poverty. Our organization has and continues to implement projects that can alleviate communities from extreme poverty.

We have youth and women empowerment programs, food distribution and anti-hunger campaigns, and enhancing access to clean water. With these projects, we a confident that it will be a major stride towards relieving the vulnerable communities from extreme poverty levels.

  • Filling empty stomachs

Hunger is the first issue affecting vulnerable populations. Poor, homeless, and street families hardly get something to fill their stomachs.  As the saying goes by, a hungry man is an ugly and angry man. Lack of food leads many people to commit different types of social ills.

We at Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we believe that no child should go without food. One of our objectives is to fill empty stomachs for all children. We have various school and street children feeding programs. Through your support, we can keep every child’s stomach full.

  • Comforting and giving joy to the bereaved

No doubt, losing a loved one is painful to experience. The experience comes with a lot of self-blame, regrets, and grieving. Without a person by your side, it can be a hard moment and difficult to handle.

At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we offer you a shoulder to lean on during the grief period. Our goal is to comfort and give joy to bereaved families. We have programs that seek to support people who go through the mourning and grieving period as well as get over it within no time. We believe in being our brother’s keeper and partnering with you during your trial moments.

  • Rescuing the abused and restoring their rights

Cases of domestic and child abuse are a normal occurrence in informal settlements and rural areas. Unfortunately, the abuse victims have nowhere to run to. These humans have to deal with their problems and challenges as no one can stand for their rights.

For us, this should no longer be the case. Adonis Quality Life initiative has come up with many projects that seek to rescue the abused and restore their rights. We believe in protecting every person’s rights regardless of their class or economic status. As such, we partner with other organizations to seek justice for the abused and give them a better life.

  • Making old age wonderful and happy

Elder persons are the pride of every society. They are a source of powerful and helpful advice due to their long-accumulated knowledge. However, most of them are living deplorable and unhappy life. No one is there to look after and support them.

With this realization, our organization initiated projects seeking to make the old aged persons wonderful and happy. We believe that everyone needs a decent life until their last day in this world.

  • Encouraging peace and understanding

Conflict is one of the setbacks in handling social problems and poverty. As a forefront socio-economic problem solver, Adonis Quality Life Initiative participates in peace and conflict resolution initiatives. Our goal is to ensure that every community lives in peace and understands each other.

  • Providing reliable aid to victims of natural disasters and other calamities

Natural disasters and calamities are unpredictable. When they occur, they affect many people’s life. These people need everyone’s hand to handle the challenging aftermath of these events. As an organization seeking to better the world, we stand out to be among the count.

We have programs and projects that target national disasters and calamities victims. We provide them with reliable aid and support. Some of our programs include food distribution and social support services to help the victims get back to their lives.

To accomplish our project objectives, Adonis Quality Life Initiative is counting on you to donate, sponsor, or sign up as a volunteer. Thank you for visiting our website today, and we hope that you will find the heart to help our organization.