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Motto: Improving the lives of peoplemakes the world a better place
For clothes donation call 708-841-3302

Make a Donation

What your donations can do
Your donations are essential in accomplishing our mission of improving people’s lives and making the world a better place. Through your donations, we can:

Feed hungry children
Hundreds of children and families across the world are going for days without food. We believe that no one should go hungry when you may have some surplus. When you donate your few coins, you help up us feed one kid or a family. Your contribution is essential in dealing with food insecurity facing many families across the globe.

Join us as we work towards ensuring every child has some food on their table. Your donations are the perfect weapon to strengthening food security among vulnerable communities. Through your support, we will be able to continue feeding the street children. Your donations will help us keep the free summer meals program alive and reach more children and homeless persons.

Build a new healthcare facility
Each day a person is dying due to the inability to access a healthcare facility. Also, many hospitals lack the right equipment to handle various medical conditions. Together, we can change this norm.

At Adonis, our goal is to promote access to quality and sustainable healthcare. Through your donations, we can add a new healthcare facility to the informal settlements. Also, you can help us provide enough medical supplies and infrastructure.

Our combined efforts will help save a life and transform the world. Help us by new health care equipment for a hospital in the rural area and informal settlements. Together, we shall save a life and give the poor a chance to live.

Sponsor a child to go to school
Access to education is the right of every kid. We are working to ensure each kid in Nigeria enjoys this right. Support our mission to keep these children in school by donating few coins. Your donations will help us pay school fees, buy uniforms and accessories, and build a new class for needy children.

Let us join hands in ensuring the availability of education to everyone. The best way to give a chance for a bright child to contribute to transforming the world is through donating some dollars to this great course. By giving out your 10 or thousand dollars, you can keep a child in class. The amount will help us hire a teacher and sponsor a child to go to school.

Connect a society to a water supply
Water is life. But imagine there is a large population that cannot access this great resource. Many families living in the rural and informal areas in Nigeria do not have a reliable water supply. Some have to walk for miles to get clean drinking water. This practice makes them economically inactive. Each day they spend time searching for water.

You and I can improve these communities’ life. Donate to help us boost access to clean drinking water to the vulnerable communities. Your donations will help us drill boreholes, build water reservations, and connect these societies to a reliable source of clean water. Ensuring everyone has access to clean water will go a long way in giving vulnerable persons healthy and quality living.

Give a community a sustainable life
When you donate to Adonis, you are giving a vulnerable community a sustainable life. Each dollar you donate goes to supporting a project that has a positive impact on poor communities. Your dollar moves the world one step to overcoming poverty, enhancing equitable and quality healthcare, and ensuring equal access to education.

Your donation will be utilized in feeding the hungry children, rescuing the abused and restoring their rights, settling the homeless and street families. Together, our efforts will make the older happy and peaceful, fill empty stomachs, and promote good health.

Also, your support help in the establishment of projects that improve food security and enhance adequate water supply.

What you can donate
We receive any type of donations.

Donate cash
Make monthly cash donations. We receive any amount you feel worth giving out as a donation. Sign up on our site and determine the amount you want to donate per month.  Choose your preferred donation payment option and make transaction processing easy.

Remember, no amount is too little to give. Your one dollar or 1000 dollar will go to the right course and help Adonis Quality Life Initiative achieve its mission.

Make Non-cash donations
We accept any type of donations. When you get a new pair of clothes and shoes, do not through the used ones into a dustbin. Donate them to Adonis Quality Life Initiative and touch life somewhere. Your used clothes can be a treasure to another individual. Do not let another child go without shoes. Donate them at the nearby collection point and let us give the needy a decent life.

Your kindness is highly appreciated. All contributions, large or small, will influence and improve the future of underprivileged communities.