Welcome toAdonis Quality Life Initiative

We make an effort to be real…to make HOPE real!

Welcome to Adonis Quality Life Initiative

We are a charitable organization focusing on initiating community solutions to help vulnerable people have a better life. Our target is the communities living in Esa Oke and the surrounding regions. We believe in giving hope through efforts that aim at enhancing human dignity and better living.

As a charitable organization, we focus on community projects covering different aspects. Our projects aim at resolving social strife, which includes food insecurity, short supply of drinking water, and lack of healthcare in cities and rural locations.

We are confident that our efforts combine with yours can transform a life a day. Only through being our brother’s keeper can we give them a gleam of hope and make the world a better place.

Our mission

Adonis Quality Life Initiative is to make the world a better place by improving other people’s lives. We believe that no one should live a deplorable life when we can team up together and improve it.

Everyone can touch a life with whatever they have, be it money, clothes, or time. As children of one God, we can support each other and ensure the vulnerable people get a breathable life.

Our goals

Our main objective is: instituting education, medical care, and sustainable livelihood for the vulnerable communities through strategic and diverse collaborations with private sectors, volunteers, sponsors, and benefactors in the Adonis Quality Life Initiative network.

We are certain that collaborations between you and us can help us achieve this objective and transform a child’s life forever.

Services We Offer:
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Women Empowerment
  • Hungry People
  • Food Distribution
  • Volunteer
  • Children Anti-hunger
  • Children Clothes and Shoes Donations
  • Poverty Alleviation

Our programs and services

In realizing our objectives, we embark on a series of charitable programs and services. Our focus is on the vulnerable societies that face various risks and challenges.  Currently, we take part in the following programs and services:

Youth empowerment

At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we believe that youths are the next generation. If the current young generation fails, our future is in misery. Together, we can save the world from possible criminal gangs, drugs, and terrorism crisis by supporting vulnerable youths.

Our organization focuses on youth empowerment programs. We aim at empowering youths to become self-reliant and future leaders. Also, we believe that youths should be society’s problem-solvers rather than a disaster. Hence, we have regular youth empowerment activities that focus on rural areas and informal settlements.

Women empowerment

Women are the backbone of society. When you empower a woman, you empower the whole society. With this realization, our organization developed a series of programs that target women. We believe that women can be the trailblazers in resolving societal challenges.

As you are aware, women are at risk of domestic abuse and other social ills. By educating and offering them sustainable skills, we can empower their ability to bring up healthy and successful families. We embark on a series of activities focusing on women’s empowerment and support such endeavors.

Children anti-hunger

Though unimaginable, a large population of children goes for days without food. Lack of food denies the children essential nutrients. This aspect contributes to an increase in childhood deaths related to malnutrition and hunger.

Together, Adonis Quality Life Initiative believes that we can change this situation. We have feeding programs targeting homeless and street children. A good example is the free summer meals program. This program target homeless and street children aged 18years and below, where we offer them three meals a day.

Through your support and contributions, we can reach more cities and countries across the globe. Our goal is to ensure every kid can afford a meal a day. Let’s join hands on enhancing the children’s anti-hunger campaign.

Hunger mitigation through food distribution

As you share a meal three times a day, someone spends days going to bed with an empty stomach. At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we believe that this should no longer be the case. We can work toward mitigating hunger. Through your food donations, you can help us feed a family somewhere.

We embark on donations and food distribution to ensure vulnerable families get a plate on their tables. Also, we have a series of projects and programs seeking to boost food security in rural areas. With your support, we can mitigate hunger and food insecurity.

Children Clothes and Shoes Donations

Do you have spare clothes or shoes that you consider old? Instead of throwing them into the dustbin, you can turn them into someone’s treasure. We receive children’s clothes and shoes donations and distribute them to needy communities.

Our aim is to help you get rid of the used clothes while touching a kid’s life. So, contact us as you clean your shelves and donate those children’s clothes and shoes. Together, we can give a kid a new outfit.

Poverty alleviation

Many people across the globe are living deplorable life due to poverty. The imbalance in resource distribution and lack of support results to increase poverty rates.

At Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we have a dream of having a world without poor people. We believe that allowing everyone to thrive through supporting their efforts is the only way to realize this goal.

Together, we can touch a life and get a community out of poverty. For this reason, we have various poverty alleviation programs targeting poor communities in Nigeria. Through your efforts, we can diversify our reach. Our poverty alleviation program focuses on projects such as providing quality healthcare services, supporting children to go to school, and other activities.


In Adonis Quality Life Initiative, we believe that everyone has something to donate. If you cannot donate cash or other items, you can donate your time. Spending your time supporting a worthy course without expecting payment is the best sacrifice you can ever offer to fellow humanities.

We encourage people to take part in volunteering activities to support our mission. You can become a volunteer in helping us collect clothes, shoes, and other donations in your estate.

Thank you for visiting our site. Adonis Quality Life Initiative is counting on you to donate, sponsor, or sign up as a volunteer. Together, we will make the world a better place to live.

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